Offshore Wind Conference

Poland’s leading offshore wind event!

The signing of the so-called “Polish Offshore Sector Deal”, i.e. the “Declaration of cooperation for development of offshore wind in Poland” by representatives of the Polish government, investors and stakeholders from the offshore wind supply chain, is planned for 15 September. It is an important step towards offshore wind giving a strong boost to the Polish economy.

On this occasion we would like to invite you to take part in the accompanying event – the Offshore Wind Conference, where we will talk about the prospects opening for offshore wind power in Poland as a result of signing the deal. Thanks to cooperation of the administration and business, Poland can become a leader in offshore wind in the Baltic Sea and an exporter of affordable and clean energy.

During the Offshore Wind conference we will focus on:

  • Possibilities for development of offshore wind in Poland and the Baltic Sea region.
  • Bringing together investors, contractors, service providers, industry associations and politicians making decisions on development of offshore wind.

Join us at the conference!

Note: Conference in English only

Conference venue

15/09/2021 – Belvedere Restaurant, Nowa Oranżeria – ul. Agrykola 1, Warsaw

16/09/2021 – Golden Floor Plaza Conference Center – Al. Jerozolimskie 123A, Warsaw





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